Carl Sagan's Dance Party started is a collaborative comedy writing project started by Steven Olsen and Jess Whitson. It started out as really bad inside jokes about Independence Day and other 90s movies when they were in middle school.

It has since evolved into published books and better written jokes about 90s movies.


A note on accessibility

We want everyone who digs our sense of humor to be able to enjoy what we make. For this reason, all future books are to be released with multiple versions and accessibility in mind. The paper versions of large print books are more expensive to produce so we encourage you to get the eReader version if you can. Audiobooks take longer to produce, so they won't always be ready at the same time as the other versions, but it is something we're working on.

On the site we've chosen Verdana as our font for the main body as it is reported to be somewhat more readable out of the standard suite of fonts for people with dyslexia.

Content notes will be included as needed to assist those with PTSD and other issues in navigating the site.