Important Facts About Shelter

This was originally posted a few years back on our old website. Hope you enjoy jokes about extremely niche indie video games.

With its entrancing art style and immersive gameplay, it has single-handedly revitalized the overdone and cliched genre of badger simulators. Here are some interesting facts that you may not know about Shelter.

-As some loud political activists have been saying for decades, video games influence people. The evidence is clear. Since the launch of Shelter, the number of people who have lost their children to eagle attacks have dropped dramatically.

-The only other game in the genre to get quite so much instantaneous fan support was of course Bethesda’s 2007 cicada sim Do Nothing But Eat Roots for 13 Years.

-PETA protested the game because the mother badger must kill foxes in order to feed her young. To placate them, Might and Delight published a mod which made all of the prey animals into people, which worked out since PETA doesn’t care about those.

-If you complete the game without losing any cubs, that night your game will be deleted and in its place will be one live badger, hand delivered by agents of Might And Delight. Care for it well, as we know you can. This method of using video games to determine competency for real jobs has a rich tradition from The Last Starfighter, Polybius, and the United States Senate.

-If you play Shelter long enough, you may find that certain changes in your routine will occur. Do not be alarmed if you find yourself digging holes or braving the stings of an angered swarm of bees to pilfer the sweet honey inside. Deep down inside this is who you are. The uneasy sensation you feel as you wander naked through the woods defending your territory is only the natural precursor to growing a thick coat of fur. Embrace the change. The longer you live your life as a badger, the more humans will leave your life making more room for the badger within. This is right.

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